You need Java to see this applet in action!


Turkish Draughts


Mustafa Kandemir

May 1st, 2003




The applet  plays a Turkish Draughts game against a human.

Move a piece by clicking on it. It will be backlit in green, and then click on the target square.

If there is a forced capture elsewhere, then the piece will be backlit in red.


Game Rules:
Turkish Draughts differs from all other variants in that all 64 squares of
the 8 x 8 board are used. Each player has sixteen pieces, which are placed
initially on the second and third ranks. The rules are:

I. A single man may move one square forward on the column, or sideward on the
II. A single man captures in any of the same 3 directions; it must continue
jumping so long as possible.
III. With choice of captures, the player must take the maximum number of adverse
pieces. (Do not forget this rule)
IV. A single man crowns on reaching the King row.
V. A King moves any distance on an open line in 4 directions (back, forward,
left or right), and captures by jumping to the adjacent vacant square beyond
an adverse piece, any distance away.
VI. Each captured piece is removed from the board before the captor continues
jumping; its removal may therefore open up additional captures previously